Engage your (potential) customers with personalized, multi-channel communication

Kumuluz Crowdsensing is an advanced technological platform which enables you to engage in centralized communication with your customers and potential customers - via e-mail, SMS messages or push notifications.
Your communication can be adjusted to fit every individual customer or group of customers, considering their geolocation, behavior, purchasing and other patterns.

Making use of the most recent technologies and analytics
Encouraging the purchase decision at the right moment
Anonymized, integrated and highly secure data

Kumuluz Crowdsensing - the technological heart of smart cities

The key element of smart cities is the effective integration of various ICT services and IoT devices as well as the capability to collect, process and analyze data, all of which contributes to our ability to offer services in smart city management.

This is exactly the challenge that the Kumuluz Crowdsensing platform strives to tackle, enabling the development of a new generation of digital solutions of smart cities and communities, and at the same time, aiming to improve the quality of life for smart city resident as well as reducing infrastructure investment costs.


Why Kumuluz Crowdsensing?

The communication standard the modern customer expects and supports.

An impressive experience in communication

Through the use of comprehensive profiling and advanced analytics, your sent messages to customers will always be relevant, consistent and personalized. Go the extra mile and impress your customers by reaching out to them with personalized communication.

Synchronized communication across all channels

You can easily switch between e-mails, SMS, and push notifications and communicate with your customers at the right time, in the right place, through the right device and with just the right message. Fully exploit the advantages of multi-channel communication.

Dynamic segmentation and automatization

Create dynamic segments of customers which get updated in real time, taking into account the location, actions, interactions and behavior of individuals in a segment.

Achieve an in-depth understanding of your customers

Through the analytic module of Kumuluz Crowdsensing, you will gain a much better understanding of your customers and will be able to offer them products and services they are actually interested in.

Increasing sales and accelerating growth

Catch your existing and potential customers at the very moment when they wish to make a purchase or when doing so is most agreeable to them. Make use of the personalized communication trend, using parameters of time, location and customer behavior.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Use your dashboard to keep track of campaign impact in real time and generate PDF reports with a single click. Advanced analytics will enhance your understanding of customers and boost your trend analysis, and the AI-based module will improve the usage of resources based on crowd analysis.

How to use this platform (illustrated)

Geolocation, time
Creating the message
  • Choosing the segments
  • Choosing the channels
  • Creating the message
  • Setting up the sequences
Targeting settings
  • Messaging schedule
  • Geolocation
  • Simultaneous optimization
After messaging
  • Real-time analytics
  • Predictive analytics

Technological capabilities of Kumuluz Crowdsensing

Kumuluz Crowdsensing is based on APIs, microservices and “cloud-native” architecture.

Collecting information

The platform enables passive collection of information through sensors as well as active collection of information from the customers themselves, e.g. through surveys on physically located tablets.

Mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, IoT devices or sensors, smart traffic infrastructure, sensors in smart buildings etc. can all be sources of information.

The collected data can be processed on the individual level, in segments or crowds. The data can easily be compiled with other data to gain crucial insights and information for making business decisions and developing personalized communication.

All of these processes come with a guaranteed anonymization and merging of data by compiling it from various sensors and devices, allowing it to be effectively, scalably and robustly integrated and prepared for applied use.

The platform is also based on distributed and encrypted data storage with the use of blockchain technology for storing sensitive data. It also enables the use of smart contracts in accessing and monetizing the data.

The contacts of your customers may be imported or directly integrated with your existing systems and databases, like CRM or ERP data etc. APIs are also available for safe integration with back-end and other systems.

Kumuluz Crowdsensing is the ideal resource for creating advanced solutions in smart cities and improving the quality of life for residents. Residents and visitors can be offered wholly new services, which draw from sensing the needs of crowds, as well as improvements in infrastructure.

More on smart cities

Developers can access selected (public) APIs. Those developing smart city and community solutions can also make use of an SDK, which makes fast, standardized development of ever new innovative solutions on the Kumuluz Crowdsensing platform possible.

Case studies

Send a message whenever customers are close to your restaurant.
When the customer finishes his purchase, send him a report on the status of his loyalty points.
Notify the customer about a detour and invite him to visit your gas station on the new route.
Send the customer an offer for the dress he spent the most time looking at in the store.
As a sponsor of an event, provide your customers with a special offer at the event.